I Never Knew Love Like This

Dear Chace,

Before you were born I had the idea to write you letters as you grow up so that you will always have something to look back on and see what I was thinking and doing at any given point in your life. Today you are just 13 months so it has obviously taken me a little longer to start this than I had anticipated. The past 13 months have been some of the best times in my entire life. You came into this world earlier than I had expected but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I spent 8 days with you in the hospital while you were growing stronger and getting big enough so that I could take you home. Those first few days and weeks were very hard. I didn’t sleep much but loved having you in my arms. I rarely put you down and couldn’t take my eyes off you. Everything about you put a smile on my face. Over the next few months you accomplished so much. You learned to roll over, sit up and eventually even crawl around. Each milestone was something I will always remember. The day after your 1st birthday party, you started to walk and there was no stopping you. You would not sit still for very long before you were off to the next thing. Right now, at 13 months old you are safely up in your crib fast asleep. I still want to have you sleep in my arms, but it’s better for both of us that you sleep soundly in your crib. This gives me a chance to write you all the letters I have been meaning to write.

One Month Old

So far you have proven to be quite an active little boy and definitely keeping me on my toes. You are constantly wanting to have 5 books read to you, and only 5 books despite the countless books you have accumulated over the past year. It is to the point that Daddy and I have the books memorized and just turn the pages so that you see the animals or words that we speak about. Going up stairs was a challenge at first and you always look behind to make sure that I am following you. Just this week you finally learned the safe way to come back down the stairs. Luckily you have mastered sliding ever so carefully down and while carrying something in your hand. I love seeing your face light up when you reach the bottom because you are so proud of yourself, as am I.  As for eating, right now you love fruit and vegetables! I hope that is something that stays with you your whole life. Daddy says you eat just like me. You are always reaching for a banana, strawberries or apple and love to drink your milk. Those are two things that I love and can’t go a day without. Guess you do get some things from me after all! You may look like Daddy, but you eat like me!

Always know I want the best for you and will do anything and everything for you. I love you more than you will ever know. It is true that I never knew love like this.




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