Fever, Fever Go Away

Dear Chace,

My poor baby! The past 2 days you have had a very high fever and Poppy has diagnosed you with Roseola. Luckily, it it nothing too serious and once the fever is gone, you have a rash that will go away too. You have never spent so much time curled up in my lap than the last few days. I have to admit that I love the feeling of having you in my arms and slowly rocking you to sleep. Most days you would rather be running around than sitting in my lap so I  hope the fever goes away so that you feel better, but deep down I want you to curl up in my lap after the Roseola is gone.

Since it is the end of August, the temperatures outside are extremely high and have forced us to spend most of our time inside. Our walks outside to the park with Naala have been temporarily put on hold. Now, we just take a short walk around the block during the day. You are definitely an outdoor kid. You love being outside and playing at the park. It’s been interesting coming up with new, fun things to do at home. We finally opened the soccer goal that Auntie Shirani got you for your birthday. You have not been able to kick the ball but you love watching Daddy and Mommy kick it in the goal. You just like to pick the ball up and carry it around the house.

On a funny side note, you don’t say many words, but you do have a few that you use for just about everything. “Dada” is something that continuously comes out of your mouth whether he is here or not. Lately, you have been calling me “Ahhssa”. It sounds exactly like Kaelyn when she is calling my name. I think you have picked up a slight bad habit so I have been saying “mama” over and over to you when you call me “ahhsaa”. I am desperately trying to break you of this before its too late! Daddy finds it funny and doesn’t help the situation by laughing every time he hears you say it.

Remember to be kind and courteous to everyone. Just the other day a little boy about 5 years old say please and thank you to his mom while we were shopping and it definitely stood out to me. Having good manners is something I will make sure to teach you. Momo taught Auntie Shirani and I and her mother taught her and her sisters. It is something you will have forever and if you are kind and courteous it will go a long way. After saying Mommy and Daddy, your next few words will be Please and Thank you. Hopefully you pick it up quickly like your cousin Kaelyn. She says “welcome” after someone does something nice for her. It is adorable because you know she means to say “thank you” but always says “welcome”.

I love you!




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