Dear Chace,

October has ended was filled with so many fun and fabulous memories. We went to Disneyland for the first time as a family, you had your first haircut, we visited the pumpkin patch,  and your second Halloween has just passed. You were the most adorable Yoda ever and I am not just saying that.

My Yoda!

You found your pumpkin and wouldn’t let it go!

While you didn’t quite get the idea of going trick or treating, you did love running around all over Auntie Shirani’s front yard and following Jasmine and Kaelyn around. Uncle Dan decorated the whole house and had extremely scary music playing. It was quite a sight and as people walked by you could see that they were trying not to act scared. Of course you were not scared at all. In fact you were more interested in saying “Hi” to each and every kid that came trick or treating. Daddy and Uncle Dan had fun dressing up in scary costumes and scaring the bigger kids while they came to get their candy. It was pretty funny to see the big boys jump!

This is Daddy

With pumpkin patch fun and buckets of candy behind us, my favorite holidays are just around the corner. I am sure as you get older you will share in my love for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Our First Trip to Disneyland

This month we will be with family for Thanksgiving and then next month is Christmas! I can’t wait to see your little face lighten up when you open your presents. This year will be so much different than last year.

It’s just about dinner time and in the oven is your favorite meal…..Baked Chicken! I can’t get you to eat anything else these days. You have grown to love it and of course have veggies to go with it. Broccoli and carrots are at the top of the list right now. We will see how long that lasts! After dinner is my favorite time of day. We begin with BATH TIME and as soon as I say the words, you get excited and start heading to the stairs. You love the bath! After your bath we sit downstairs and read book after book. You are loving Brown Bear, Brown Bear. It’s either that or Bubbles Bubbles. Apparently you are into repetitive book titles. (I will remember that when I begin writing my children’s book.. haha!) This is pretty much the only time you sit still and I love it. I rarely get you to sit in my lap and just have our special time.

Your favorite video right now is a Sesame Street video that Will i Am is singing with Elmo and Friends. Daddy found it on YouTube and ever since then, it has been a favorite of yours. While we don’t let you watch it all that often, when you do, you dance and smile each and every time it is on. As I type this I can’t help but wonder if and when you read this, will you know what YouTube is or will it be a thing of the past and something that is just “old” to you. It makes me laugh thinking about it.

At bedtime, you have to have your yellow Little Giraffe blanket. A security blanket is something that I hold dear to my heart because I always slept with a yellow blanket and Momo made sure to always have it whenever I needed it. I am proud to say that I still sleep with it today even though it has holes and is just a fraction of what it once was. Growing up, your Aunt Shirani always teased me by taking it and trying to hide it but in the end she knew how much it meant to me and always gave it back. My blanket is my most prized possession from my childhood so it will be interesting to see if you follow in my footsteps or if you find something else to call your favorite childhood possession. Hopefully when you read this I will still have a piece of my blanket left to show you.

You are too young to remember all of these wonderful things so I hope that by showing you pictures and capturing these moments, you get to have a glimpse into what your early years were like. I don’t know what is in store for your future but I do know that you will do many good things. You have an amazing heart and you are so incredibly smart, not to mention completely and utterly adorable. I know, I know….so embarrassing, but it’s true. I love you with all that I am. I only want the best for you and will do anything and everything so that you grow up a happy, healthy, intelligent and well-mannered individual. Daddy and I will provide you with all the tools you need to be successful. As daddy likes to say, “Hit the books, because they don’t hit back.”

I love you!




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