Mickey, Elmo, Buzz and Thomas

Dear Chace,
These are not your typical friend’s first names, but then again, I could never describe you as typical. Mickey Mouse, Elmo & Buzz Lightyear are new names in our house and definitely here to stay for awhile. Poppy got us tickets to Disney on Ice: Toy Story 3 with Uncle Dan, Auntie Rani and K-lyn. I was not sure how you would do since it started at 7pm and boy was I shocked at how much you loved it. You were dancing in my lap as the music played and Andy, Buzz, Woody and the gang were skating around the ice. You stayed up the whole time and even posed for an adorable picture with Woody and Buzz and your cousin K-lyn. It was a memorable night.

Then New Years Day we went to Disneyland with Auntie Rani, Uncle Dan and K-lyn and you had another amazing day. You loved Dumbo and some other new rides. You and K-lyn took a much needed nap and while you two slept, Auntie Rani and I rested while Uncle Dan and Daddy went off to ride the big boy rides. We stayed all day and late into the night so you could enjoy all of Mickey and friends. It was a fun-filled day and since we got season passes, it’s the first of many trips to Disneyland for us this year.

Happiest Place on Earth!


Family fun at Disney

For Christmas you got a new Rockin’ Elmo. This one plays the drums, sings into a microphone and plays the tamborine. This is all right up your alley. You tend to grab the microphone and sing lalalala into it while Elmo plays the drums. You love the Elmo Song. Another Christmas present was your new Thomas the train ride on. Uncle Dan got you this amazing battery operated mini train and you love it. While you don’t know how to steer, you definitely know how to press the button to keep it moving.

Ridin' Thomas the Train

You ride while drinking your milk, while dancing to music and while looking at whoever is around to see. You tend to drive right into walls, chairs or people. It’s quite dangerous but lots of fun for you. I am hoping you learn to steer very quickly! Uncle Fred was here the other day and wants one all for himself.

While these characters are keeping you busy and happy, your cousin K-lyn still is your favorite play date. You may not remember all these special friends and adventures, but by looking back on these letters and pictures I hope you see how much we did and how much fun we had.



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