Vegas, Baby!

Dear Chace,

You are only 18 months old and you have already been to Las Vegas twice! I wonder if this is good or bad thing? We are definitely getting out as a family and having fun. This time we went and got to spend time with friends and their little ones. We stayed in the most wonderful hotel I have ever been to in Vegas. It was a huge, luxurious room that you loved running around in. I loved that it had so much space, a kitchen, washer and dryer and clean bathrooms. It was to die for. The other plus is that it was a non-gaming and non-smoking casino so many families were around. It didn’t feel like Vegas walking through the lobby, but that is a good thing for Mommy. When I was a little kid, Momo and Poppy would take Auntie Rani and I to Las Vegas all the time and we would stay at Circus Circus. At that time, way back when, that was the place to be! I wonder if Vdara (the hotel we stayed at this time) will be around when you grow up. While in Vegas we got to see Kaitlyn again and while you wanted to run around and play, she was happy sitting in her mom’s laugh and staring at you like you were crazy.

Our Suite at the Vdara

"This boy is crazy!"

Like I have said before, you are not typical by any means. Granted it was 9pm and way past both of your bedtimes! The next day was filled with so much, I hope I remember everything. Daddy surprised me by scheduling a facial and massage at the spa for the morning so I was off getting pampered (and loving every minute of it) while you and Daddy were off to see Vegas and do fun things. Little did Daddy know that he was taking you out just at your nap time and you were going to sleep through most of it. It’s ok! He tried and that is all that matters. Later that day we met up with Little Toby for a wonderful buffet which you were so good at. You sat quietly and ate watermelon, cucumbers, beans, chicken and pizza. Of course, pizza was the hit! Between you and Uncle Derek, I am not sure which one of you drank more milk. He definitely likes his milk and we all know you do too! After our 2 hour lunch we walked around shopping and taking pictures.

Vegas 2011

You were ready to get down and run around so we called it a night after a couple hours so we could take you back to our lovely suite and set you free. Our last day we ate a scrumptous brunch at Bouchon (ohhh fancy!) in the Venetian hotel and did some more window shopping. Then it was time to get back on the road and back home. You were so good in the car. It was a decent ride home and we got there just in time for you to have a bath and go to bed after running around a little. Another successful vacation with you! Can’t wait to have many more.



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