Bubble, Bubbles On My Clothes

Dear Chace,

It has been a beautiful start to February and that means that we have spent a lot of time outside. You love being outdoors so whenever the weather is nice, we head out the door. There is a big, beautiful park in San Marino that has a lots of space for you to run and a fun playground with slides and swings that you can’t get enough of. It’s hard when we have to leave because you really don’t want to do anything else. Unfortunately, nap time is usually the reason your play time must come to an end.

If we are not at the park, we could be right outside playing with dirt, or your new found obsession….bubbles! Just today we spent a long time blowing bubbles. When you took control of the bubble wand and bottle, you turned it upside down and completely emptied the contents. You loved it! You loved it so much you got down on the ground and played in the small puddle and then proceeded to lay down in it and almost lick the soapy mess. You may be wondering what I was doing this whole time. Well….it happened so fast and I was trying to capture it on camera. I wasn’t very successful but was able to stop you before your tongue hit the pavement.

About to lick up the spilled bubbles!

What a fun day! After that, we headed inside to change your soaked and dirty clothes. We will have to try bubbles again another day. I love seeing how adventurous you are and how happy you are when you try something new and find pure enjoyment in it. It could be trying the new slide at the park or digging your hands into the dirt. Your smile and laugh light up my life.

Hugs and kisses!



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