Growing UP!

Dear Chace,

I can’t believe that I failed to write about your 1st birthday party! It was quite an ordeal for me to plan but it was so much fun after all is said and done. I would take on that stress again to see you smile any day. I came up with the UP theme because it was one of your first words and it was Daddy and my favorite Disney movie. We held the party at Maggiano’s Little Italy at the Grove.

A 1st birthday party is called a Dol in Korea and we added traditions found in typical dols but found it a little challenging since Daddy and I had never been to one, nor have we ever planned one. We had a head table with fruit, flowers, rice cake and your birthday cake. This was decorated with balloons and a huge “Happy 1st Birthday, Chace!” sign.

Head Table

We also had another table set up with pictures of your from your first year, your UP themed “My Adventure Book”, some baby clothes and of course the UCLA gear that daddy loves for you to wear and since you have outgrown most of it, it was perfect to be put on display.

Baby pictures, My Adventure Book, Baby clothes, UCLA gear

Family and friends showed up for lunch, fun and Daizy the Clown for the kiddos.

Your cake was perfect. I was able to have them stick with the theme and create the house and balloons just like your invitations. It was delicious too! You had a special small 1st birthday cake called a “smash” cake that you dug into when we got to Aunty Shirani’s house.


The highlight of the festivities occurs when it’s time for the doljabi ritual. During this time a low table is brought out for the baby with several items on it which represent the path the child’s future life will take if she or he grabs it. Typically the following items are used.

A pencil: Which means the child will be a scholarly academic.
Money: Which means the child will be wealthy.
Yarn: Which means the child will live a long life.
A bowl of rice: Which means the child will have food and shelter.
Stethoscope: We added this for fun, hoping you would follow in Poppy’s footsteps and become a doctor.

What will Chace Pick?

Guests guessed which item you would choose.

You first picked a pencil and then threw it behind you. Next you chose the yarn. It was very overwhelming for you. I think you take after me in that you are quite shy when in front of a large group. You were scared as soon as the crowd started cheering when you made your first selection! Luckily it was all over quickly and we could get you changed and ready for the clown and balloon animals.

Let's see what your future will be!

It was a perfect party in my eyes because you smiled most of the day and were completely wiped out from all the fun. You fell asleep in Aunty Shirani’s arms before the party was even over. The day was filled with love and we are so grateful to have so many friends and family around to celebrate with. You are one lucky kid! I can’t wait to plan more birthday parties for you. Just don’t grow up too fast please!



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