A Few of My Favorite Things

Dear Chace, 

I have already jotted down some of your favorite things, and so I thought it might be fun for you to read some of my favorite things too. While you may know some of these already, hopefully a few will be new to you.

1. Some of my favorite foods are hummus, peanut butter, bananas, white nectarines, and chocolate. Seems like you have taken to liking a few of these as well.

2. Running for an hour really calms me down and clears my head. I love it! I know most people hate running but for me it’s something I enjoy and wish I could do more often.

3. I can’t get enough of watching you sleep, smile and laugh. There is no better joy than hearing your child laugh, or seeing his smile each and every day.

4. Watching movies on the couch, curled up with Daddy is my idea of a good night. Daddy would probably want to be watching sports and I generally don’t mind that except if it is golf or baseball. Daddy loves watching both, but honestly they put me to sleep. I think I will only enjoy watching those if they are something you take up and just so you know, I would never miss a game if you were playing.

5. Reading a good book every night before I go to bed. It helps me sleep and its something to look forward to.

6. I was so excited to learn you were a boy because I always wanted a boy first. It also helps that you will be raiding Daddy’s closet and I won’t have to worry about you inheriting my obsession with expensive purses. Just have to worry about you liking Daddy’s watches which can be a very expensive habit on its own.

7. The day you were born is tied with the day I married Daddy as my favorite day of all time. Both are days that I will always remember and changed my life forever.

8. Dancing and singing with you even though I am a terrible dancer and even worse singer. It is just too much fun to pass up.

9. Traveling and staying in hotels is something I look forward to. It is so nice to stay in a big comfortable bed, eat out and see new places. I hope we get to take many trips just like I did as a child. I have fond memories of traveling and experiencing new things. I am sure you will love it just as much as I did.

10. I love shopping but I am sure you know that already. Unfortunately for you, you are stuck going with me most of the time. I try to keep it short and plan shopping trips to places I know you will love too. There are so many outdoor malls that have beautiful fountains and play areas that you have grown to love too. So we both get to enjoy our trip!


Love always,



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