Shoes – Your #1 Accessory

Dear Chace,

I have a confession to make. Boys clothes are just not quite as cute as girls clothes. I admit that I bought you a lot of cute outfits over the course of your short 20 month life but nothing really has made me completely go “ga-ga”. Shoes on the other hand have become your #1 accessory. I love buying you cute shoes. You had adidas shoes on your feet before you could walk. Nike booties were bought by Poppy and were on your feet everyday for a good part of winter. They may never have seen the ground during that time, but who cares. They were so cute. These days you have gone through a pair of Pumas and a few pairs of Nike shoes. When we are out and about, I get a lot of compliments on your shoes. It makes my day because I love your shoes.

At 4 months old you were wearing shoes! Picnic in the park

At 8 months old wearing Converse

Favorite Outfit and Shoes – Go Adidias!

Nikes at 10 months –

1st Birthday Party – Special Shoes for Special Day

John Deere Boots – Perfect boots for Mammoth and Fall River Mills

Disneyland Fun with Nikes

Current Shoes Nike Free – Getting some air!

Wow, I can’t believe how many shoes you have been through. While many people think it’s crazy to buy expensive shoes for a baby, I think it’s great. It is the perfect accessory for a boy and it makes me happy. Who knows, you may grow up and have a shoe addiction just like Daddy! Hope you liked the little flashback of all your shoes so far. May there be many more in the future!



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