Before You Were Born……

Dear Chace,

Before you were born my life was so different. Now that you are here, my life is filled with more laughs, love, meaning and so much more joy. I couldn’t have predicted how wonderful your hugs would feel or how your smile would brighten my day.

Before you were born…….I went to dinner with Daddy and friends at the drop of a hat. We tried new places and ate out at our favorites. I could eat slowly and have a conversation with them without being interrupted or distracted.

Before you were born…….I went to the gym at least 4 times a week for an hour. I took step aerobics classes, spinning or just ran to my heart’s content on the treadmill.

Before you were born…….I hardly drove in the carpool lane and always listened to the radio while driving.

Before you were born……I could go to the bathroom without an audience. I could shower completely without being interrupted and I could put on make-up, do my hair and dress for the day without distractions. Oh how things have changed!

Now that you are here…..I love going to family-friendly restaurants so that you get out and so do I. While it may be much faster than before, I still enjoy not having to cook and clean up. You don’t get to eat off the kids menu like most kids because most of that food is greasy and bad for you. I just order something I know you and I will both love and we share. It works out best for us.

Now that you are here…..My days are more structured and we have fun doing almost anything. I have never played with bubbles, blocks, cars, and magnets in my entire life. (Yes, you love magnets! I am not sure why, but I am blaming this on Georgia as she was the one that let you constantly play with them at her house and even secretly sent them home with us.)

Now that you are here…..I spend at least 2 days a week at a playground, indoor play place, or Kidspace Museum. You love the outdoors and I love how tired you get. It ensures a very nice nap for you and much needed time for me to get things done.

Now that you are here…..I run on the treadmill at home instead of heading to the gym or taking classes religiously. I get to watch you play and get in my run so we are both happy.

Now that you are here…..I can always use the carpool lane which is a lifesaver many days and while I never listen to the radio, I do sing and dance with you while driving. We have your Music Together CD’s playing constantly. It’s so much fun to hear you say certain words from the songs and raise your hands in the air to the beat. I am musically challenged so you must get that from Daddy.



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