Me Time

Dear Chace,

Today started out as a typical Saturday for us. We went to music class together and then made it home just in time for Daddy to take over. It was “Me” time. I had plans to go to lunch with the girls and then see the much anticipated movie “The Hunger Games”.

While I miss you tremendously while we are apart, I know that this is good for both of us. You get your Daddy time and I get my “Me” time. Nothing makes me more happy then seeing your face when I walk back through the door after spending the day away from you. I am refreshed and refocused. I can’t thank Daddy enough for taking a break from work to let me put on some heels, do more to my hair than just put it up and actually wear jewelry that won’t get caught on someone or pulled off my body. I get to be “Me”. Don’t get me wrong…I am still me all the other countless hours I am with you. It’s just a different me. I don’t wear heels as often. I rarely do my hair other than a braid or ponytail. I hardly wear jewelry after learning the hard way with you breaking one too many necklaces. These girls days are a chance for me to talk about other things besides Elmo, Panda and Buzz.

I was so excited about today that I left without my cell phone which is something I cannot be without. It was a little tough to be completely removed from you and Daddy but also refreshing as well. I was not checking my email or sending text messages to Daddy asking about you guys. I didn’t forget about you two, just focused on me and the other girls. This is something I think all moms should do. Go out, have fun and when you are done, go home and kiss and hug your kids. The time away is good for all of us.




2 Comments on “Me Time”

  1. hitormissus says:

    This is so sweet. Thank you for sharing this. My mother-in-law once told me that it’s good for kids to sometimes see their parents leave, so they will know that their parents will always come back šŸ™‚

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