A Toddler’s Best Friend

Dear Chace,

Our baby girl

Naala was one of your first words and definitely your first friend. Daddy and I rescued her 11 years ago when she was just 8 weeks old and never once regretted that decision. She was the most loyal and caring Westie ever. I never worried about how she would react when we brought you home. She had been around both your cousins as they grew up and was always very good with them. She sniffed you once or twice and realized that you were not going to take her food or water so you were “ok”. Little did she know that in a little less than a year you would attempt that more than once. By that time Naala was used to your noise and constant activity and she was perfectly content laying on her bed as long as we went on walks throughout the day. Just saying the word “walk” would prompt her ears to perk up. The second I would reach for her leash and get you ready to go outside, she would run over, wag her tail and wait patiently while I got you in the stroller or Ergo. Luckily for me, you loved going out on these walks just about as much as she did. It was good for us all! Naala got to chase the squirrels away and you and I got to check out the trees, birds and do a little people watching.

Throughout the past year Naala had a developed a few bumps on her skin which we immediately had checked out. They came back cancerous which was the worst news possible. She had surgery to remove the tumors and we hoped for the best. Unfortunately, the cancer had spread too much and it came back within a few months. The realization that she was not going to be with us for much longer set in and made me so sad. She was your first friend, your first dog and Daddy and my first born. We loved her like a child and she was part of our family from the moment we set eyes on her.

New years eve rolled around and her breathing was getting bad so we had to do the unthinkable. It was a rough day to say the least. Luckily you were too young to understand why Daddy and Mommy were crying uncontrollably. While it was hard to say goodbye, I know that she is in a better place and happy. Even three months later this is hard to write about. I sit here looking at the couch where she once laid and remember the many times that you two would interact. It’s not time now, but there will be a time when we are ready to rescue another dog. None will compare to Naala but you will have another best friend.

Nap time even for Naala




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