Healthy Drinks for a Happy Child

Dear Chace,


You are so active that I have to always be prepared for anything. With that being said, you are always thirsty so I carry many things with me when we go out and always stock up on your favorites to have in the house. You have always loved milk (thank goodness!) and drink water often. You have a new addition to your beverage choices all thanks to Poppy. One day we were at Momo & Poppy’s house and Poppy was drinking O.N.E. Coconut Water and you asked for a sip and of course Poppy obliged. You loved it. Immediately, your eyes lit up and you said “More, Please.” I don’t really know how it happened but it became known as “juice” to you from that day forward. Nowadays you go to the fridge and have 3 options: water, milk or “juice” (coconut water). I love it because they are all healthy choices and three things I drink regularly as well. I tend to drink coconut water after a run or workout session. Water is consumed by us all throughout the day and I love to have milk at dinner. I know I am definitely in the minority for the latter, but it’s okay. You see me eating healthy food and you emulate that. You see me drinking healthy drinks and you do as well. I love knowing that you are growing up without sugary drinks, cookies and sweets or super processed food. It’s something I treat as an important part of life and hope you do the same.

Hugs and Kisses my little coconut.




2 Comments on “Healthy Drinks for a Happy Child”

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