Dining Out With You

Dear Chace,

I thought I gave up fancy restaurants the day you were born, but I was wrong. There have been some occasions in which I have been lucky enough to go and enjoy a meal with friends or with Daddy. You are usually much happier at Auntie Rani’s house with your cousins than dining with me anyways so I don’t feel bad about it. Tonight, however, was different. You got to go with us! We ate at a super fancy steakhouse and you did great. I have to say I was nervous going out tonight because the reservations were not until 7:30pm, which just so happens to be your bedtime. Since you have been so good at sleeping through the night and waking up on your own quietly, I was scared this my throw off your whole schedule. Hopefully, you will surprise me just like you did tonight. At dinner, you sat quietly and ate your fruit and bread that I brought and then just was entertained by the ever useful iPhone. You love placing calls to Momo, so of course I let you do that on more than one occasion. I figured she wouldn’t mind because she wasn’t upset when you called and woke her up at 7am. Yep, that’s right. I left my phone by my bed and you sneaky guy, got to it while I was brushing my teeth. I thought you were waking up Daddy, but no, you were calling Momo and having a conversation with her at 7am! Luckily, she loved it and so did you.

Back to dinner……You had a little bit of my delicious steak and veggies and by the time everything was over, you were still awake. It was 9:30pm and I was shocked. No meltdowns or anything crazy. While it was a nice dinner, we will not be doing this too often. You work best on a schedule and so do I . Let’s hope and pray that tomorrow you are in a good mood and we can enjoy our weekend. Thanks for being so good and helping me realize you are growing up and we can try new things. I am learning so much from you, so Thank You!





2 Comments on “Dining Out With You”

  1. iamanomaly says:

    Raising a young child in a foreign land without easy access to family help means we do alot more things together with our child. My husband and I still enjoy heading out for nice meals with our boy. I think our friends were pretty amazed when my son (at 1.5yrs old) sat thru a 3-hour lunch at a michelin star restaurant just munching on the free-flow bread!

    • That must be hard but sounds like you are doing a great job if your son can sit through the 3 hour lunch! That was how long dinner was for us and my son was well-behaved so we will be doing it more often. I have to agree the free-flowing bread definitely was a plus!

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