Milk and Coffee Playdate

Dear Chace,

Playdates are not just for you. In fact, I think they are more for me. I get to sit around and talk to other moms while you play away with other kids. It’s the perfect scenario but took us a lot of time to find. Not all playdates have been fun and easy. It’s about finding the right group for you as well as me. We were lucky enough to enjoy milk and coffee just this morning. You got to play with all new toys and never got bored. I got to sip coffee and talk about how your sleep schedule has been turned upside down and I have no idea how to get you back on track. I got great advice and hope it works. I need more sleep and love it when you are happy and content in your crib. Nothing makes me smile as looking at the monitor in the morning and seeing you awake just talking or singing. It makes it so easy for me to get up and go and get you. I look forward to getting back to those days. Back to playdates….

We have had playdates walking and talking, at the park, Kidspace Museum, indoor playgrounds and at mommies homes.

Our next adventure begins tomorrow. We start a new class at the museum just for toddlers so that should be exciting. Hoping you have fun and learn some new things all at the same time. An update on that will be forthcoming…..

Time to go read and put you to bed. Love this time of day! We get to cuddle while reading books and I get to hug and kiss you before you drift off to sleep. Good night!




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