Playing Catch Up

Dear Chace,

It has been awhile since I last wrote you and for that, I am sorry. We have done so much over the last month, I am not sure I can cram it all into one post so I will just try and summarize for you. First and foremost, your new baby cousin Kiley was born on Easter, happy and healthy! We got to see her in the hospital and then again at home. It reminds me of bringing you home from the hospital, the sleepless nights and the walking around the house in a daze. Aunty is doing really well though so I am hopeful for the day when I can bring home a sister or brother for you. To be honest, it’s a little scary for me since you are so active. I am not sure how I would handle a newborn and a toddler! Many wonderful moms have done it, so I am sure I can too.

Anyways, we have been going to your Onesies class at the museum and loving it. We have playtime, art, science, singing and storytime. You interact well with the other kids but have been known to hoard the plastic ice cream cones. I am not sure why you have taking a liking to those, but you have. Other kids want to play with them too, but for some reason, that is the one thing you don’t want to share. Puzzles, balls, and magnets are easy to get you to share, but those ice cream cones are glued to your side. It takes a lot of distracting on my part to get you to let them go. Luckily you love playing with paint or soil like you did today in class. Also, we started a new music class and this one I don’t quite like as much as the other one. It is nice that it is on weekdays so there are a lot of other stay at home moms to mingle with, but for some reason, this class the kids love to run around the room throughout class. Of course, you participate. Next session we will be going back to Saturdays so that Daddy can take you and so that you will play the instruments instead of getting in your daily exercise. We can go to the park for free to run around!

We had a week of really hot weather so you and Kaelyn were outside playing in the water for most of the day. It was a great way to cool you guys off and keep you busy while Aunty, Momo and I stayed in the shade to watch.

Wow, there is so much more, but it’s just about time for you to get up from your nap so I have to go. I love you and can’t wait for more fun filled days ahead.




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