Time Flies

Dear Chace,

I can’t believe two years has passed since the day you were born. Our lives changed forever that day. I was 35 weeks pregnant and finishing up my last day of work when I received the call from my doctor that I was to be induced that night. I had cholestatsis and it was necessary for you to come into the world early, for your safety and mine. That call terrified me. I had gone through many tests all week and everything seemed fine so I wasn’t quite prepared to rush to the hospital. I had planned on setting up your nursery and finalizing the house while I was on maternity leave. After all, I had a month off work before your expected delivery date and thought I had plenty of time. Boy was I wrong! Thank goodness one of my best friends had already bought us a car seat because that was about all we had. Momo and Poppy bought us your crib and nursery furniture but I had not set it up yet. There was still so much to be done, but you were coming so I headed home from work and met Daddy there. We packed our bags and headed to the hospital. Poppy, Momo and Aunty Shirani met us there and that was the beginning of a very long night for everyone. At 2:44pm the following day, you entered this world at 5 pounds, 11 ounces which was pretty big for a premature baby. The second you cried and I was so relieved. There were a lot of people working on you but I heard Poppy and Daddy say that everything was okay. Then I got to hold you! Love at first sight for sure. You had to go to the NICU, but we were not apart very long. I was with you all hours they would allow for the next 8 days. You finally got to come home and I was so thankful that everything turned out okay.

Back to your 2nd birthday……

We had a great day! Went to get bagels, coffee (for me) and milk (for you). Then we headed to the toy store to let you pick out a few things. I also had to get Kaelyn’s birthday present so you helped me pick that one out as well. The highlight of the trip was the crown and balloon they gave you for being the birthday boy. We made a stop at our favorite park to have a picnic and burn off some steam. It worked because we both napped for almost 3 hours! By the time we woke up, Daddy was already on his way home which was a nice surprise. We had a nice dinner, cookie cake and opened presents. You were a happy, little boy! I love you so much and thank you for making my life so much better over the last 2 years. I never knew love like this and can’t wait to see you as you grow, learn and change.




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