Chicago With A Toddler

Dear Chace,

In approximately 7 weeks you will be a big brother! Your little sister will be here soon and before she arrives I have purposely been trying to spend quality time with you doing fun activities and making sure that we use this time because soon enough things will change. Daddy had a business trip in Chicago so we decided to extend the stay and have a family vacation there since it’s been 4 years since we have been back. It is easily my favorite city and Daddy and I have so many wonderful memories from living there. I was nervous about the flight since it would be your longest one yet. You had a rough time despite all the new books and toys that I had packed for you. It was during nap time and for some reason you only slept 20 minutes. Needless to say, it was a long flight!

We managed to eat at so many of our favorites and luckily you enjoyed them too! There was plenty of shopping and sightseeing throughout the week.

We took the architecture tour and you loved the boat and all the fun things to see and you were a good sport after we got wet on the boat. Navy pier was a hit and of course there is so much to do throughout the city for kids. Millennium Park kept us busy for almost an entire afternoon.

We had planned on going to Lincoln Park Zoo (one of my favorites), the Children’s museum and Shedd Aquarium. Unfortunately, half way through our trip you got sick so you and I were stuck in the hotel room while you recovered. It was heartbreaking to see you so miserable. You couldn’t eat anything and you were very lethargic which is completely out of character for you. Luckily you recovered by the time we had to leave so the flight home was not bad at all. You slept well and was not fussy at all. Chicago is such a kid friendly city. It was so much fun visiting and it was a different experience seeing the city with a toddler. I can’t wait to go back and hopefully next time you will get to enjoy more of what my favorite city has to offer.




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