Can I Really Do This?

Dear Chace & Harper,


Yes, it is official. I am now the mother of 2. I had always known that I wanted to have more than one child but I have to be honest, I was scared that I could manage after having you, Chace. you are a great kid, but you are so active and I had my doubts that I would be able to be a good mother to more than one child. I recently read a post that not only brought a smile to my face, it definitely eased my fears. “Why You’re Never Failing As A Mother” by Amy Morrison is a must read for any mother. If there are mothers out there that don’t doubt themselves every now and then, God Bless You, but I am readily admitting I am not one of you. I want the best for my children but I am often faced with many thoughts on whether I am doing the right thing and if I can really do this.

Harper came into our lives just a little over two weeks ago and I am so very lucky. She is the best baby ever and of course I am biased but I am also being honest. Chace was not always the easiest baby. Harper sleeps well, eats well and doesn’t keep me up at night. (Knocking on wood!) I have been able to adjust to being a mom of 2 with the help of my parents and sister, but overall, I am thankful that Harper listened to me when she was in my womb. There were so many sleepless nights while pregnant that I took the opportunity to ask her to be an easy baby because her big brother was a handful.


We have now entered the terrible two’s or so that is what I am calling this crazy behavior you have. I would love to say its because you have to adjust to having a baby sister, but that really isn’t it because you have been acting out since before she even arrived. I keep hoping this is a phase and that you are going to grow out of it. It definitely tries my patience when you continuously shout “No!” at me or throw things all over the place. I hope to one day look back on this time and laugh because if not, I will really think I have failed as a mother.


You have brought me so much joy in such a few short weeks. I love you and your brother more than I could ever explain. I can’t wait to share each and every day with you and watch you grow, learn and explore all that life has to offer you. I will do my best as your mother and will provide anything and everything that is within my power.

I love you both so very much.





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