Things I Can’t Live Without

Dear Harper and Chace,

Harper, you have recently turned 2 months old and had a great doctor visit this past week. You measured in the 95th percentile for height which is probably going to be the only time in your life that anyone will call you tall. Your dad and I are not exactly the tallest people around. You and your brother will hopefully be taller than us, but it’s doubtful you will ever be considered “tall”, so for now, we are enjoying calling you the tall one in the family.

Chace, you have expanded your love of sports and cars. You just attended your first professional golf tournament with Daddy and Uncle John. You got to see Tiger Woods play at Torrey Pines in the third round, which he later would win. While you and Daddy were out watching golf, Harper and I were off shopping. It was such a fun day for us all.


Here are a few of the things I can’t live without right now.

1. BOB Double Jogging Stroller – This has been a life saver. I can strap you two in and take off and we are all happy. I get to run and clear my head all while being with you two. Some days its nice to go for a run on my own, but I would much prefer taking you guys with me. It’s so much harder but it makes me that much stronger and hopefully faster too.

2. My Timi and Leslie Hayley Diaper Bag – I love this bag. It has everything I need and more. I love that there is a place to attach my keys and wallet so that I don’t have to dig through the bag to find them when I need them. There are so many useful pockets and even an extra smaller bag that I can put a diaper and wipes in for a short trip or to put in the stroller when I go for a run. That way I don’t have to carry around a heavy bag all the time. The stroller straps are so convenient for shopping trips or walks to the park. Everything is within reach I have received so many compliments on it already. I can even use it after the diapers are long gone. (At this point I am not sure that day will ever come!)

3. Ergo Baby Carrier – What a great investment! I carried Chace around daily in this baby carrier and now I am using it with Harper. I love how easy it is to put on and it’s so comfortable for both of us. It even was featured in a newspaper ad with Daddy carrying Chace.


4. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets – I was given these blankets before Chace was born and immediately after using them for the first time, fell in love. They get softer with each wash and are so light and breathable. They are easy to take on the go and use at home over and over. I love the cute designs and always give these as gifts to my friends that are about to have a baby. I can’t say enough about how wonderful they are.

5. Little Giraffe Luxe Baby Blanket – I grew up with a treasured blanket (and still have what is left of it) and always knew that my children would be given a blanket as well. It was no exception with Chace. I purchased the Little Giraffe blanket in blue and it became something he always slept with in his crib and now even in bed. Luckily he can sleep without it, but chooses to have it with him. It is so soft and well made. It washes well and has held up with all the places we go. Harper will have one as well but right now she just has the purple blanky since that is the perfect size for taking on the go.

Aden and Anais Blanket and Little Giraffe Blanky

Aden and Anais Blanket and Little Giraffe Blanky

While all of these are things I cannot live without these days, the real thing and most important things in my life are my sweet little bundles of joy…Chace and Harper. I never thought I could love another as much as I love you two. Thank you for putting a smile on my face each and every day. You both fill my heart with so much love.

Love always,



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