Potty Training Looming

Dear Chace,

You are 2 and half years old and the subject of potty training has come up multiple times with not just Daddy and I. I don’t know why, but this scares me. I would love for you to be out of diapers. One kid is enough! For some reason I am scared that I will not be able to potty train you and will be a failure as a mother. I know it’s hard and I know some tips and tricks that others have used, but I am still so apprehensive. I know you are ready or remotely ready so that is the first step. Right before Harper was born we tried it and you did well for a couple of days, but for some reason it didn’t stick. I was able to ask you to go potty and you would on various occasions but then had a few accidents too. I think that scared you and you didn’t want to go again. I just left it at that because I didn’t want this to be a negative experience for you. So, it’s about that time for us to start again. You will be going to preschool soon enough and I want you to have plenty of time to adjust. (Or maybe I am secretly needing plenty of time to work up the courage to start the process…I don’t know)


We can do this!  I know you will be potty trained eventually, I just hope I am picking the right time to start and we are successful at it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. See ya diapers!

I love you!




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