You Eat What I Eat

Dear Chace and Harper,


It’s no secret that I love to go out for a nice, long run. I try to live a healthy life not just for myself, but to set a good example for both of you too. In Chace’s two and half short years, he has been known to copy exactly what I eat or even take the food that I have made for myself or someone else. Chace, you love to eat Greek yogurt, a staple in my daily meals. You have been known to enjoy apples and bananas that I have started to eat. You love enjoy the morning healthy fruit and veggie shakes that I make and we share. Lunch time favorites range from hummus and veggies to peanut butter and banana sandwiches. It brings be absolute joy that you love my cucumber and tomato salad. (It’s not a huge favorite of Daddy’s.) While I love sharing with you, I love more that you like to emulate healthy eating habits. It’s the gift that I can give you that hopefully you will continue throughout your life. Now of course you can’t be wanting healthy food all the time. After all, you are a kid that has a huge sweet tooth, just like your father. I wish I was perfect and didn’t let you have the occasional red vine, cake pop or popsicle, but I am just a mother that definitely has been known to give in every now and then. What mother doesn’t? You do love pizza, hamburgers, pasta and french fries like most kids, but I try to “healthi-fy” them. Right now you don’t know the difference and hopefully later when you do recognize me adding veggies or whole wheat without spreads, you will choose to do the same thing.

Here are our Top Ten favorites that we are enjoying these days:

1. Trader Joe’s Hummus

2. Chobani Greek Yogurt


3. Amazing Grass Shakes

Amazing Grass

4. Fresh or dried fruit (mango, strawberries, banana, apple, grapes, peaches and cherries…just to name a few)

5. Egg Whites (you have to add a lot of ketchup for some major dipping)

6. Steel Cut Oatmeal (we love the one from Jamba Juice or we make it at home)

7. Whole Wheat Bread (we call it Grandma’s bread since your great grandmother introduced us to this specific brand which we love)

8. Cucumber, Tomato, Red Onion and Trader Joe’s Fat Free balsamic dressing (Veggies chopped and all mixed together)

9. Peanut Butter (usually by the spoonfuls with bananas or apples)

10. Coconut Water (you love this and we call it “juice”)

Let’s keep these healthy eating habits going and my hope is that Harper emulates them as well. Your dad and I just want the best for both of you.

I love you both!




2 Comments on “You Eat What I Eat”

  1. Keep it up! My parents only let me eat healthy food as a child (did not have an oreo until I went to college…yes, college!) and now Fitness is a huge part of my life and my career….you are doing your childern a huge favor by feeding them so well!

    • Thank you! My parents did the same thing. I had never tried soda until high school. I remember trying out a lot of new things when I was at friends’ houses and later in life. Glad to know that fitness and health are still so important to you.

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