House Hunting And Getting My Fix

Dear Chace and Harper,

Chace – 2.5 yearsHarper – 3 months (almost)

What a weekend! While we have been looking for a house for awhile this weekend was packed with open houses, meeting with realtors and scoping out new neighborhood spots. I wasn’t really sure how you both would do with all of this but you surprised me. We were able to find a few great options and will keep our fingers crossed. One house in particular would be perfect for us because it is walking distance to so many fun, local spots which is just what I am looking for. We can strap you in the stroller and head out for a couple hours for breakfast or lunch and even stop at a coffee shop or park. It’s even close to the Thursday night Farmers Market we love so much. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that something happens and we hear good news soon!


Luckily I was able to go on two decent runs which definitely help start each day on a high note. I love that time with just me and my thoughts. It was a bit windy and cold but I can’t really complain. The scenery was beautiful and I was feeling pretty good. I am still getting back in shape since having Harper so these runs are not fast or particularly long, but they are satisfying and helping me get back in shape. Just have to keep it up!

On another just as exciting note, I scheduled my first fix! You might be wondering what I am talking about…Well, Stitch Fix that is. It is hopefully the answer to my shopping (or lack there of) prayers. With two kids, I haven’t been able to fulfill my shopping addiction as much as I would like. If I go shopping it’s usually to Target or the grocery store. While I love both places and can take you both with me each time I go, it isn’t the same as going to my favorite stores, trying on clothes, shoes or purses. The answer to my prayers is a great service that has a stylist pick out clothes for you based on your shape, style, lifestyle, and size. You don’t have to keep all the items and only pay for the ones you decide to keep. I can’t wait to receive my first fix in March. You can sign up and fill out a profile and then wait a few weeks for the first fix to be scheduled! I will update after I receive my first fix. You can sign up too! Stitch fix might be the answer for you too! It’s great if you need a stylist but don’t have the time or money to hire one.




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