I am a Runner Because

Dear Chace & Harper, 


I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter and runner. These are just a few of the ways to describe me. Running is part of my everyday life. I make the time because I enjoy it and it makes me feel so accomplished when I come back home from a long, successful run. It’s not just slipping on my running shoes and heading out the door anymore. I have to plan accordingly because if I am running outdoors and I have someone to watch you, then I don’t have to take the jogging stroller and prepare both of you for the 45-60 minutes out on the road. If it’s just me and the road, then I have my “me” time.

I’m a Runner Because:

1. I have to time everything perfectly….morning coffee, Garmin charging, bathroom breaks etc.

2. Laundry doubles when you are a runner because you have not only your everyday clothes, but also your running clothes.

3. I get excited when I receive an email reminder that a race registration is coming up.

4. I check the weather to make sure I am prepared with the right running attire.

5. I have a whole running wardrobe: Pants, shorts, tanks, long sleeve Ts, lightweight jacket, hat, socks, shoes and more!

6. Getting a pedicure is a must and I always have to apologize for my feet looking not so pretty.

7. I love the “runner’s high”

8. I plan my day around my run and often will make changes so that I can ensure that my run gets done.

9. I have the tan lines from tank tops, sunglasses and sports bras.

10. I love sweat pouring down my forehead because it means I am really working hard and getting in a good run.

While I love running, it doesn’t define me. I want you both to see how being active can really change your life and keep you healthy. I am a better mom and wife because I get out there and do something that I enjoy.




6 Comments on “I am a Runner Because”

  1. Awesome! You are an exceptional example to your children!

  2. MomRunsHalf says:

    I love running too and agree, I am a better mom to my two boys and wife because I run.

  3. cldem says:

    Wonderful post!

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