In Love With BOB

Dear Chace & Harper,

This morning we ran around the neighborhood for 3 miles. Well, I did the running and Chace sat in the BOB Jogging Stroller while Harper slept in her infant seat. Perfect morning outing for us all! This stroller is something I can’t live without. (I wrote about all of those things here.)


It was a perfect day for a run, not too hot, not too cold. I purposely run in a certain direction so that as I am ending the 3 miles, we arrive at the small neighborhood park. Usually no one is there but since it is Spring Break this week, there were a few other kids there. Chace loved that because he had other kids to interact with. Sadly, they weren’t there long though because the other mom had a baby who started crying so she had to round up her other two and walk home. Been there, done that many times!

I love the BOB Duallie stroller and I can’t say it enough. I was so happy when my parents and sister bought it for me for my birthday because I had just had Harper and knew it would be hard to run without my treadmill.


This big box is definitely one of the best presents a new mom of 2 could ever ask for. The stroller is perfect for running or walking and it is comfortable and safe for the kids. The BOB jogging stroller is a bit heavy to put in the car but you get used to it and I’ve figured out how to do it effortlessly. (I am only 5’3″) While I know it’s pricey, it is so worth it for me because I use it so often for so many things besides running. I had purchased a big name, expensive stroller before Chace was born and used it frequently but it wasn’t a jogging stroller and he didn’t really like it that much. It worked for my walks around the neighborhood with Naala (our beloved Westie that passed a year ago). I ended up selling it because we were not going to need it anymore with Harper about to be born. I originally purchased the expensive stroller on craigslist because it was a good price, in great condition and a very nice experience. I highly recommend using craigslist for a stroller purchase. There are plenty of good ones for a decent price. You can view pictures before going in person too. I would have bought my Bob on CL if I had not received it as a present. Warning: the good, well-priced ones go quickly!

My birthday present came just in time. Unfortunately, a little while ago the treadmill broke. It just stopped one day while I had it on an incline and was walking at a brisk pace when I was 8 months pregnant. We called to have it repaired but due to our move and putting things in storage, it just never got done. Now, my trusty friend the treadmill is collecting dust with all our other stuff while we continue to look for a house. Luckily, I can still go outside for my runs. I am so grateful to have my mom watch both of you while I am gone for 40-60 minutes each morning. We all love it. I get to have some “me” time. You both get to be spoiled by your Momo and she gets to spend quality time with you which I know she loves doing. Initially, I was really sad that the treadmill broke, but now that I have other, better options, I am not upset about it at all. It was more convenient to run anytime I wanted, but our current situation is satisfying too.

Tomorrow we have another date with my other love, BOB. Can’t wait!




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