New Fitness Friday

Dear Chace & Harper,

This morning I completed my usual 4 mile run early because we have a packed day. I didn’t want to disrupt our plans by putting off my run until later. The sun was shining but still a little cool, my favorite running weather. After living in Chicago for a couple years, I have definitely learned to appreciate our California sunshine. Spring is definitely in the air!


After showering and gathering some last minute Easter things, it was time to start our Fitness Friday. Recently, we purchased 100 bags of bark that needed to be spread throughout the backyard and what better way to get in a new workout, than doing some heavy lifting and raking out tons of bark in the garden.



It's coming along.

It’s coming along.

After (Lightening McQueen made an appearance)

After (Lightening McQueen made an appearance)

I was not alone in this endeavor. Momo helped immensely all while Chace played in the water, ran around and blew big bubbles. Harper sat contently in her chair under the shaded patio cover.


photo(14)Lifting the heavy bark bags and spreading them out was a great upper and lower body workout. While it was not the most conventional way to workout, it definitely did the trick because I could feel it later on. I loved being out with the family, each of us doing our own thing but also spending quality time together. After the bark was spread throughout the yard, we enjoyed lunch inside to cool off and then you both took a long afternoon nap. I showered for the second time and finally caught up on some work. A successful Fitness Friday for me! Now off to get ready for our fun-filled Easter weekend!




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