Easter Recap

Dear Chace & Harper,

This weekend was packed and definitely fun-filled. Saturday started off great with a morning jog with Aunty and Kiley. We decided to take the BOB since it was just Kiley and Harper. Kaelyn and Chace decided to stay home and play outside with the dads. It was such a good decision. Both little girls slept, we talked and jogged. It was just nice to get out and run without looking at my watch or phone to see how long and far I had run. It was a beautiful day and a fun run with my sister. Can’t beat that!

After getting ready, we headed over to Aunty’s house for our annual Easter Egg decorating. In my head I had pictured a much different scenario. Kaelyn is almost 4 and Chace is almost 3 so I thought this year would be a lot less stressful than last year and we could have a fun time just decorating the eggs. While it was definitely fun, we had our fair share of messes. Luckily, everything was easy to clean up and the dye that got on clothes and towels was easily washed out. It’s a lot different this year because we had two babies to deal with as well. Last year, on Easter, Kiley graced us with her presence and I was just barely pregnant with Harper. How much different a year makes!



Harper and Kiley were busy doing their own things. The excitement was just too much for Harper and she slept through all the fun.

Harper snoozing

Harper snoozing

Kiley observed and ate while sitting in her highchair nearby.

KIley keeping busy

KIley keeping busy


We had a lot of eggs to decorate so there was coloring, sticking on stickers, dyeing and even adding glitter and bunny tails. It was creative and fun for the kids and I enjoyed watching and helping out when needed.

The final product

The final product

Luckily, the Easter bunny found the house and both Chace and Harper had baskets Sunday morning. Chace was thrilled with all the Lightening McQueen, cars and play doh he received. Of course, Harper has no clue what is going on but one day she will look back and see where the adorable purple cat and outfits from her basket came from.

photo(24) photo(25)

The kids had a Easter Egg Hunt waiting for them in the backyard and it thrilled them to look for all the plastic eggs. We don’t hide the real eggs because we are afraid they won’t find them all and then they will rot in the yard. Let’s just say we have learned the hard way!

Hunting for eggs

Hunting for eggs

After the eggs were all found (we counted!), we had an amazing brunch that Momo cooked for us all. It was delicious and as always, the perfect holiday brunch. Kaelyn and Chace continued to run around and play in the backyard while Harper slept and Kiley ate. Yes, that is what these two do best!

It was such a nice day spent with family. After eating, napping, flying kites and eating some more, I am happy to say it was a very nice holiday. Hope everyone had a wonderful time and when you both look back on these pictures, it may bring a smile to your face as it does to mine.





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