Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Dear Chace & Harper,


Being outdoors is such a gift and we are lucky enough to have great weather almost year-round. I take pleasure in going outside for a morning run whenever I can and share my love of the outdoors with both of you by trying to spend a lot of time in the backyard, at the park or outside doing new and fun things.


While shopping at Target, we picked up a kite for Chace and as soon as the wind started to pick up, Daddy, Uncle Dan, Kaelyn and Chace headed to the backyard to test it out. It worked pretty well and kept everyone running around for a little while. It only landed on the roof once and took a large ladder and many people to get it down. It was quite an ordeal but we eventually got it down and everyone was safe and sound. We soon realized that open area to run was necessary so we packed up both of you in the stroller and walked down to our nearby park. It was the best decision of the day. The wind was stronger and there was so much more room to run. The kite worked well and we all had a blast laughing and running, taking turns flying the kite.


Chace and Daddy ran around and then finally gave me a chance to fly the kite. I felt like a kid again! So much fun and great family bonding time. Can’t wait for our next adventure!





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