Compassion & Running

Dear Chace & Harper,


On our run (well, my run and you both got to relax in the jogging stroller) this morning, we took our normal route avoiding the park until the last stretch of my 4 miles. As we took the final turn leading us to our normal stop, off in the distance there was a little boy riding his bike. He was not accompanied by an adult but that isn’t unusual given his age and the community park is near plenty of home, one of which he probably lives in. Chace immediately got excited and wanted out of the stroller. He tends to like playing at the park with the neighborhood kids and is often following around some of them when they are climbing the ladders or sliding down the slide. I am often amazed at how friendly he is right away, but I digress. The little boy took a nasty tumble and Chace immediately ran over to him. I followed behind with the stroller and  we both helped the little boy up and made sure he was okay. I think more than anything he was embarrassed but grateful to have Chace help him rather than laugh at him. It was a nice moment as a mother to witness.

This incident reminded me of an article I read a couple months ago and immediately emailed to Daddy. I remember it so well because the subject of the email was “I Hope Chace Grows Up to Be Like This Boy”.  Basically a high school football player took it upon himself to help out a special-needs student that was being bullied. This article was so touching and brought tears to my eyes. Carson Jones’ mother must be so proud because she raised her son to be a very caring and compassionate human being. I hope one day that I can look at both of you and know I raised you right. I want you both to be like Carson Jones, compassionate human beings that not only take care of each other, but other people too. It can changes someone else’s life for the better. While I know we didn’t drastically change this little boy’s life, I do know that we brought a little bit of comfort to him during a scary moment. Even if it was just one moment, it matters.

You never know what you will come across while running. Today I am grateful that we were able to be there to help a little boy out. While he would have made it home on his own just fine, it was nice to see that Chace has a big heart and wanted to make sure someone else was okay and didn’t have an “booboo”. A successful 4 mile run for me and more importantly, my heart melted seeing how kind Chace can be.

I love you!




One Comment on “Compassion & Running”

  1. crispyindeed says:

    I hope the young boy remembers your son’s sweet and thoughtful assistance. Your son have great parents for sure. I just wish more parents are like that.

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