Our Safari

Dear Chace & Harper,

photo (11)

To celebrate Kiley’s 1st birthday, we tagged along with Aunty, Kaelyn and Kiley as they ventured down to San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Daddy took the day off work to join us for safari park fun. It was a cloudy day and luckily the rain stayed away. We had a few sprinkles here and there, but nothing too drastic that would require us to leave or break out umbrellas. Chace was a little scared of the live animals that you could get close enough to touch, but loved the animals that were in their own habitats and their environments. Harper slept in the stroller, ate and then stayed awake for the tram ride. She was so good the whole day and I was so happy that we could all be together to spend the day with Kiley. Happy first birthday to my beautiful niece!

This is a great place to take kids of all ages to. We saw so many animals from elephants to bats, lions and pelicans, flamingos and rhinos. They even have a jungle gym that kept the kids occupied while we picked up food for lunch. 

The guided 30-40 minute tram ride takes you through different areas that contain animals in their natural habitats. It was so much fun to see giraffes run, lions sleeping, and buffalo eating. Here we are waiting in line for the tram.

photo (14)

Daddy and Kaelyn fed the pretty lorikeet birds. Chace was terrified that they came so close. It was quite funny. He needed Aunty to protect him while Daddy had the birds eating from his hand. If only I had taken a video of the encounter, it would have been priceless later on. 

photo (15)

We even got to see a Mommy Rhino resting with her baby. (They are in the picture to the left of Harper and me. They just looks like rocks, but they were so cute in person.)

photo (13)

We had so much fun and can’t wait for our next adventure.




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