Running with an iPhone

Dear Chace & Harper,

photo (16)

After taking a few days off from my morning runs, today was the day to lace up my shoes, strap both of you into the jogging stroller and head out for an easy run around the neighborhood. I took my usual route but slightly altered it so that I would avoid the park and Aunty’s house because I know that if I ran by either, Chace would be begging to get out of the stroller. It is supposed to be a hot day so we set out early enough so it was nice and cool. Harper slept most of the run and Chace watched Toy Story or played games on my phone. I know a lot of people probably frown upon that but it helps keep him occupied while I run and it’s not like he uses it all day, everyday. I turn to my phone in times that I need him to be distracted and happy. I know Chace would probably sleep in the stroller if I ran in the afternoon, but that isn’t really an option since it gets too hot and now that he sleeps for a couple hours, I would be risking interrupting a very much needed nap. That is just not okay! We need Chace to nap! I need the break and he needs to rest. I time my runs right around Harper’s morning nap and after she has been fed. It’s so much easier to run after I have nursed her and also gives me plenty of time to shower afterwards so I can feed her again without being gross and sweaty. It’s all about timing around here!


Technology can be a crutch for parents today and I fully admit to using it in various places. In the past I have put the iPhone in front of Chace while out to dinner, at a fancy party, on an airplane, waiting at the bank to open accounts, and at the car wash. As long as it is in moderation, I am okay with this. I have had the occasional nasty glance from other people and even had a person tell me how much I was damaging my child because I gave him the phone too early. While it bothers me at the time, I do know what works for my children and myself so it’s not going to stop me. As a society, we are too hard on Moms and Dads as it is. Please go easy on others since you don’t know their situation or what makes their life easier.

There are so many educational games and apps that are useful too. I have downloaded plenty on my phone that Chace loves and while he thinks he is playing, he is actually learning. Check out iGameMom for more!

Another handy thing I take on the go with us are the fruit and veggie pouches. They are a life saver! I can hand one to Chace and he is able to eat while in the car, on the ‘L’, at the store or while I am jogging.

Riding the train in Chicago

Riding the ‘L’ in Chicago

I love things that make my life easier!




3 Comments on “Running with an iPhone”

  1. MomRunsHalf says:

    I agree, sometimes my iphone and ipad are great tools to help my kids in boring situations. There are great apps that are educational and problem solving. I think in moderation it is fine and it is the world today, they need exposure to it.


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