Fun in the Sun

Dear Chace & Harper,

What a wonderful weekend we had! (I apologize in advance to anyone reading this that is in the midwest and still not out of winter in April. This will include a lot of warm weather activities!) We definitely took advantage of the beautiful, warm weather and spent a lot of time outside. Saturday morning we all went for a run. I was so happy that Daddy joined us because that meant that I could run without the jobbing stroller! This is such a nice change for me because I am so much slower while pushing both of you up and down the hills all around the neighborhood. We made the customary stop at the park for Chace to play and parked Harper in the shade so she would be nice and cool to continue her nap. Chace and Daddy played and ran around while I completed my workout with lunges, tricep dips and squats. (Boy am I feeling those today!)


We got home and showered quickly so we could enjoy the rest of the day. We headed to The Coffee Bean (our favorite) and Daddy and I each got our signature drinks while Chace enjoyed a treat as well.

photo(54)Harper needed a nice nap at home so Daddy and Chace went out to run some errands while we stayed home. It was a busy day but one that was very productive. We had a big family dinner and after both of you went to sleep, Daddy brought us ice cream! And by “us”, I mean just Daddy and Mommy. Sorry, it was late and Daddy had lost a little bet we had, so he had to go and get it. It was delicious and I promise when you both are older, he will bring it for you too.

Sunday was another perfect day. I took both of you on a short run in the morning. I was still sore from the previous day’s workout so I didn’t go for a long run. We even stopped at the park, but Chace wasn’t too excited to play alone, so we headed home shortly thereafter. It was nice and warm  so Uncle Dan set up the inflatable slide/pool for Chace and Kaelyn to play in. You two could be in there all day if we let you! I remember just last summer how Chace was too small to climb to the top by himself. Glad to see he has grown and can manage all on his own.

Water babies!

Water babies!

We had lunch outside in the shade with Kiley, Uncle Dan, Poppy and Harper while you guys continued to play…..never stopping for a minute.

photo(52)Finally, Kaelyn and Chace got hungry and stopped briefly to enjoy a few bites before going back to splashing and sliding for what seemed like an eternity. Harper and I just relaxed, ate and then finally Harper took a short, much-needed nap. Watching these two could make anyone sleepy.

Stitch fix dress!

Stitch fix dress!

(Love the Stitch Fix dress from my second fix.)

The afternoon rolled around and it was time for the kids to nap. So we reluctantly said ‘Goodbye’ and headed inside for nap time. We had to rest up because another family dinner was being prepared by Momo for later in the evening.

The weather was perfect for all the outdoor activities and we are hoping it stays that way for awhile because we have many more fun things planned in the next few weeks: Disneyland, strawberry farm, school orientation, take your kid to work day, and a family work picnic. Can’t wait!





9 Comments on “Fun in the Sun”

  1. crispyindeed says:

    I don’t mind the cold, but I am definitely waiting for some sunshine. I love the photo of your son drinking. He almost has the look, “psssh whatever” haha. Hope you enjoy your week!

  2. Outside and swimming! I am definitely jealous of the weather you have, I live in Canada and it snowed last week!

    I’m still waiting for Spring up here, I’ll have to just live vicariously through you for now.

    • Hopefully Spring comes quickly! Sometimes I miss the winter weather I used to have while living in Chicago….just sometimes!

      • I’ve heard that happens sometimes. I find it hard to imagine it happening to me, but you never know. I’ve always been a summer girl and I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to convince my boyfriend that we should move to a warmer climate.

  3. fon says:

    The first picture…. Your kids are so cute!! 🙂

  4. Clearly I am a bit behind on my blog reading! Glad you had such a great weekend. That inflatable pool/slide is pretty awesome!

    • Thanks! The pool is great. My brother-in-law bought it a couple years ago and the kids love it. It keeps them entertained and cool for hours. Also tires them out enough for a nice long afternoon nap. It’s perfect for everyone!

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