Coffee First



Dear Chace & Harper,

Today has been another interesting day. I started off on the right foot by getting us out the door before 9am. Yay! That is usually virtually impossible, but I needed to get to the dry cleaners before Daddy had to go to work. Made it there in plenty of time, dropped off some clothes and then headed home. Got home and immediately realized I forgot to bring the clothes that were ready. I conveniently left them hanging on the rack after the nice lady brought them out and hung them up for me. Great! Had to put both of you back in the car and head back out. Luckily, you were good and didn’t fuss about having to get back in your car seats and sit in the car for another boring ride. I should have known something like that would happen since I didn’t have this before we left:

Yummy and much needed!

Yummy and much needed!

I definitely need to remember to stop and get coffee before doing anything else. Otherwise, who knows what else I might forget!

The rest of the day was spent doing some of our normal everyday activities around the house.


photo(56)Lightening McQueen has to travel with Chace in the pocket of his Buzz Lightyear scooter. Gosh you are such a boy!

Fun times

Fun times

After scooting around the backyard and playing with everything possible, we headed inside for more fun. A little PlayDoh and a lot of cars filled up the rest of the afternoon before it was nap time.

PlayDoh tower

PlayDoh tower

Chace loves to build ‘towers’ out of just about anything that will stack. Then loves to hit it and see it come crashing down. Boys!



Our day would not be complete without these two making an appearance.

All the while, Harper and I were playing and practicing this….

Almost 5 months

Almost 5 months


Harper is loving being able to sit up, but isn’t completely stationary yet. It’s fun to see how hard she concentrates when she is seated. It’s a whole new world for this kid. She loves to sit and observe whatever Chace is doing and he loves to entertain her. Dance parties are a family favorite.

After nap time, we headed out to get some delicious food for dinner. Daddy won’t be home so it’s take out for us!

On another note, I received an email that my 3rd Stitch Fix order has shipped. This just makes my day! I will be stalking the mailman until I have that pretty package in my hands. Can’t wait! If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, you can read about it here.






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