Parks, Bikes and Rides

Dear Chace & Harper,



Another busy weekend has passed. We had so much to do and so much fun that I am so tired from the weekend. In my book, that is not supposed to happen. I really look forward to recuperating from the week because with Daddy around, there are two more hands to help out and keep you two entertained. (I am hopeful at least!)

I also look forward to my solo runs, but unfortunately those have not happened lately either. I keep taking both of you in the BOB jogging stroller which is okay, but doesn’t give me the amount of time I need for a long run. Usually one of you is ready to be done before I am. Luckily, I was able to get in a nice, cool 3 mile run before it got too hot. With the weather warming up quite a bit, I have to time my runs early enough so we are all comfortable. So many variables to contend with for these outdoor runs! I wish I had my treadmill fixed because I could run while you napped or played in the house nearby. (Mental Note: fix treadmill asap!)

Well, after a nice run we headed to one of our favorite morning locations which has a big fountain and nice area for Chace to run around and play. It just so happens to also be where a Jamba Juice is….Yum! We love their steel cut oatmeal and of course their fruit and veggie smoothies. There also is a Panera in the same plaza so I headed over there with Harper to get a delicious caramel latte. What a treat and oh so good!





While we were eating I noticed there was a BMX street team setting up and they were having a free show later that day so Daddy and I planned for him to take Chace and invite Uncle Dan and Kaelyn too. But before that, we headed to the nearby park to meet Aunty Shirani, Kiley and Kaelyn.

Kiley (1year) and Harper (5 months)

Kiley (1year) & Harper (5 months)

Harper got to ride the swings for the first time and she loved it! As always Kiley (cousin) was all smiles and had the time of her life too.

Chace (2.5 years) & Kaelyn (3.5 years)

Chace (2.5 years) & Kaelyn (3.5 years)

We could barely keep these two away from the swings! They loved it and went super high and laughed uncontrollably. After a little while, Chace’s interest was peaked by the baseball diamonds nearby and Kaelyn, Chace and Daddy headed over there to watch. No surprise that Chace was cheering and even wanting to go out and play. He loves every sport imaginable. It was getting hot so we headed home for lunch and to play in the water to cool off a bit before the BMX event.

I stayed home while Harper napped and Chace and Daddy headed off for the event. Seems like it was a fun time and lots of tricks were completed. Our last outing was going to the local farmers market/carnival. We walked down there with the whole family. All four adults and four little kids. Thank goodness for strollers!

We rode the train, the carousel, and stopped in the shade for some ice cream. Perfect treat for the perfect day! Wow, what a Saturday. No wonder I am so tired.

Sunday we went house hunting and stopped at a different park. It was not as hectic but there was a lot of driving involved so we were out of the house all day. What a weekend! Now we have to get back into our normal routine. Thanks for making the weekend so much fun. I love you two!







2 Comments on “Parks, Bikes and Rides”

  1. crispyindeed says:

    Definitely seems like you had a packed weekend. At least you weren’t bored! I can imagine how beat you are from driving here to Chicago to house hunt hehehehe

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