Stitch Fix Preview

Dear Chace & Harper,

It arrived! My third “fix” from Stitch Fix came today and I have to admit, I was looking outside every time the dogs barked because I was sure it was the delivery of my coveted package.

If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, it is basically a personal stylist that you never meet but selects 5 items of clothing and/or accessories for you based on your style, size, and budget. It all is delivered straight to your door and you have 3 days to try it on with whatever you already have in your wardrobe. They even attach the cutest cards that show ideas on what to pair the item of clothing with. It gives me great ideas and I have used the suggestions on a few outfits from my previous “fixes”. You pay a $20 styling fee, but that amount is deducted from anything you purchase from your fix. Additionally, if you purchase all 5 items, you get 25% off the total.

There is a waiting list so once you sign up, you have to wait a couple weeks before they are able to style you and send out your first fix. When I started, it was a 2 week waiting period, but a friend of mine just signed up a couple weeks ago and she was told the waiting period could be 1-2 months. So if you are interested, sign up sooner rather than later.


I was lucky that Harper was napping and Chace was busy making triangles out of his toy cars. (A new obsession of his since Daddy started teaching him how to make shapes with cars and then count them.) It was the perfect time for me to open and quickly try on everything. Nothing like opening this box and seeing this:


I immediately go straight for the clothes and do not open the envelope first because I don’t want to know the prices or brands. I just want to see the clothes, try them on to see the fit and then make my decision if I like them or not. My final decision will be after I see the price, but so far the clothes are all within the set budget I gave my stylist.

Sneak peek at what I received in my 3rd “fix”.


I will be trying everything on again and taking pictures of the items paired with things I already own. Can’t wait to share more!

If you want to read about my previous fixes, they are here and here. I highly recommend this service for anyone (i.e. busy moms, working professionals, college students etc.)  who love to shop but can’t go to the stores and spend all day trying things on. I know for me, the second I get to the store and pick out things that I want to try on, one of you gets frustrated or bored and it ends up being time for us to leave. I don’t like rushing so Stitch Fix is perfect for me!

If you want to try it too, you can click here to sign up. (Full Disclosure: I get credit for the referral.)

Stay tuned for another update on the things that I kept and what I returned (if any)!




6 Comments on “Stitch Fix Preview”

  1. crispyindeed says:

    I forgot that I signed up for this, but I don’t remember seeing any email from them since I did. I did remember taking the quiz and I did like that the questions were detailed.

    • My sister had the same issue. It just took them awhile to get back to her. I think she signed up a couple times because she didn’t get the email. I’m pretty sure it’s just because of the waiting list, but you can always email them to check. Their customer service is exceptional. I have emailed them a couple times and been very impressed.

  2. fon says:

    Can’t wait to see u try them on! 🙂

  3. Jenn says:

    What a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing it. I’ve often wished someone else would do the hard part of shopping for me and now with kids I never have time to shop. Must find time to do this.

  4. […] what I was wearing at the time. If you are not sure what Stitch Fix is, then you can read about it here. I personally love the service and the clothes. I have yet to get a fix and not keep at least 2 […]

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