Special Moments with My Kids

PicMonkey Collage Dear C



Right now, there are things that both of are doing that I just love and I want so badly for time to stop. There are also things that you do that I could live without, but I digress. I know there will be a point in time when you will not want to hold my hand, let me give you thousands of kisses and the hugs will get less and less. The last three years have gone by so quickly, therefore I am cherishing these special moments I have with both of you, since I know they won’t last forever.

Special Moments with Chace:

1. “Mommy, hold you me please.” (Translation: Wants me to pick him up) This will never get old. IMG_0219

2. Asking for “yup-e-oh”  (Translation: Oatmeal) Just like Mommy, he likes his oatmeal 2-3 times per week. I have no idea where this word for oatmeal came from, and despite the countless times I have called it “oatmeal,” you still pronounce it “yup-e-oh”.


3. Repeatedly saying “Huh?” after I say something or ask him to do something and he doesn’t understand. Over and over and over again!



4. Your storytelling and imagination are so fun right now. Some of the things that you come up with crack me up. I love how your mind works and it amazes me every day how far you have come.

photo (6)

5. Constantly wanting to wear pajamas. Unless we have somewhere to go, you are usually dressed in pajamas and even when we come back from being out or running, you want to change into your pajamas the second we go upstairs for your nap.

Special Moments with Harper:

1. Sticks her tongue out at me while smiling.


2. Full head of hair with it’s own agenda.


3. Giggles uncontrollably when I give her thousands of kisses all over. This will never get old!


4. Falls asleep in my arms at the drop of a hat. I wish I could hold you forever.

With the birthday girl, Aunty, Mommy and Harper

Sleeping Harper

5. Finally getting sick of being stationary in the infant seat and wants to be in the swing, being held or sitting up with assistance. Time sure does fly by!

I love each and every morsel of you two and that will never change. I never thought I could love something so much let alone two of you. It’s completely indescribable. I hope you never question my love for you. I would love to stop time right about now!

PicMonkey Collage Love


2 Comments on “Special Moments with My Kids”

  1. newbloggycat says:

    Awesome pics. Chace & Harper are gorgeous 🙂

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