What I Want For Mother’s Day

PicMonkey Collage Dear C
Mother’s Day is just around the corner and now more than ever I understand exactly why each and every Mother’s Day (or any holiday for that matter) we would ask my mom what she wanted and her reply was always “peace and quiet.” I would get so annoyed because it wasn’t something I could buy and give her which is what I thought would mean the most to her. Now I know different. This year, that is exactly what I would like if anyone asked me too. As a mom, I now know what real peace and quiet is and how valuable it is for anyone, but especially Moms on Mother’s Day. I’m sure there are plenty of Dads that need it too, so I would say that they can ask for that for Father’s Day.
It’s funny because while I would love peace and quiet, I know I would miss my kids and husband if it were for too long. A few hours or a full day would be great! I guess I can’t win!
PicMonkey Collage Peace
That time I would just do the things I love, not clean or other housework. Shopping alone, hitting the gym or getting my nails done would be perfect! Grocery shopping without kids is like a vacation for most moms I know. A trip to the gym without worrying about the little ones would be magical! While I know my mom would gladly watch my kids and let me do these things, I can’t always count on that. She has a life too and since I know how hard she worked her whole life, I want her to enjoy her peace and quiet too.
PicMonkey Collage Long
I love you both more than words can express, but sometimes I would like a little peace and quiet on a long run alone!
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4 Comments on “What I Want For Mother’s Day”

  1. jennrowe says:

    Indeed. A priceless gift.

  2. Reblogged this on Moderndaymomme and commented:
    On every Mother’s wish list!

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