My Inspiration to Be Fit

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FitFemalebanner300x300 has an Inspirational Fit Female Blogging Campaign that “is a collaborative effort of hundreds of bloggers writing about a woman or women who have transformed their life through fitness. Share your blog entries from May 8th to 18th, 2013.” This is a great opportunity to celebrate my fitness inspiration(s).


I have always been active because as a kid I played soccer competitively all the way through college and that is because my Mom made sure I always was on the best team, made it to practices and travelled with me every single weekend. I didn’t know anything other than remaining active as a kid and for that I am forever grateful. She is one person who inspires me today and helps me continue to stay active and healthy. Even after all these years she still is so instrumental in me being active and healthy. She makes sure that I have healthy snacks for myself and both of you at home and rearranges her busy schedule to make time to come watch you both while I go out for a much needed solo run. It’s on these runs that I can log many miles, clear my head and re-energize so that I can be a better wife and mother. Staying fit is part of me and when I feel good, then I am happier and healthier. I can’t thank her enough for all that she does for me.

Thanks Mom!

Me, My Mom, My sister, My Nieces Kaelyn & Jasmine

Here we go again!

Here we go again!

I couldn’t be more inspired to remain fit and active if I didn’t have both of you and Daddy around. You guys love me unconditionally but I want to be the best mom and wife possible and a huge part of that is remaining healthy. I love the feeling of a good workout, being sweaty and knowing I have accomplished something. Hopefully you will see Daddy and I exercising consistently and that will motivate both of you to remain active. We all can be one big happy, healthy family together.

7 Months Pregnant

7 Months Pregnant

To learn more about this Campaign and, you can go here. I encourage anyone that is interested to join the campaign and spread the news by writing about their own fitness inspiration!

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4 Comments on “My Inspiration to Be Fit”

  1. crispyindeed says:

    Beautiful ladies. Such an inspiring post. Happy and healthy goes hand in hand. I’ve always got annoyed when others associate exercise with just appearances, when it really affects the mind and energy… to say the least. Happy running!

  2. BKenn723 says:

    It’s crazy how working out can you give you so much positive energy! I can’t imagine not being active and you are so great for keeping up your motivation to stay healthy throughout the years!!

    • Thanks. It becomes part of our every day life and while it wasn’t easy after 2 pregnancies, I am slowly getting myself back to running consistently. I love it so why not!

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