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I know I say this practically every Monday morning, but it’s true! We had another busy weekend. Saturday, Chace went to a neighborhood birthday party with Aunty and Kaelyn. Daddy and I took Harper to run errands. We went to the bank, the store and lunch and boy was it strange to only have one kid that slept the entire time. It reminded us of our life before kids when we could go and eat and not have to rush through a meal. How different our lives are now!

After the party, it was time for another short road trip. This time we headed to Anaheim for a special California Adventure. A Disneyland California Adventure to be exact. Momo and Poppy had their annual trip down for work and invited all of us to take advantage of the amazing discounted room rate at the Grand California Adventure Hotel. The rooms are decent size and we were joined with Aunty and Uncle Dan and the kids so that was perfect. The beds were amazing. I could have slept there forever but we had to be up early because a benefit of staying at the hotel is that you can go to the park one hour before it opens to the general public. This is necessary when you want to ride the new ride at Cars Land that has a 65 minute wait the second the park opens. Saturday night we decided to spend the night eating and shopping at Downtown Disney. We had reservations at Rainforest Cafe and it was fun for the kids, but the food was just okay. I guess it is more for the atmosphere, but we managed with a nice dessert and some delicious adult beverages. That makes any dinner better.

Aquarium inside Rainforest Cafe

Aquarium inside Rainforest Cafe

We arrived at the park after a short walk through Downtown Disney. It was time for some fun. We started in California Adventure. We went on many rides, watched parades and walked a lot before it got crowded.

photo (25)

Chace fell asleep in the stroller and it was just about lunch time so we headed to Pacific Wharf to sit down and enjoy a nice meal. Since it was in the 60’s, it was perfect weather for a soup bread bowl. I have had the clam chowder bread bowl before and it is very good, but today I wanted tomato soup and I knew that Chace would like it if he woke up while we were eating.

Halfway through lunch, it was time to feed Harper which worked out perfectly because the Baby Care Center is close by. It is a very nice and clean building that has 5-6 changing stations, 2 rocking chairs and 2 other chairs for comfortable and private nursing. I highly recommend this for nursing moms. It’s quiet and a good place to unwind so that your baby can eat in peace without distractions. It can be very overwhelming for babies since there is so much to see and hear at the park.

By the time I got back from feeding and changing Harper, Chace was awake and eating my soup. Moms know best!

We headed out for more fun but before we did, we stopped at Ghirardelli. We love that place and you can read about it here when we visited San Fransisco and Ghirardelli Square last January. I had a delicious decaf caramel latte, Daddy got a cookie ice cream sundae and you shared a few bites from everyone, including J’s huge ice cream cone!

photo (26)

I wore my Garmin watch just to see how many miles we actually walked and unfortunately, the battery didn’t last the whole day. I forgot to charge it the night before and so it died about an hour or so before we left. The last time I glanced at it, it read 6.2 miles so I am guessing that we did about 6.5 miles. Since I was with Harper most of the time and didn’t ride too many rides, this was pretty accurate.

I loved having the double Bob at Disneyland. This trip, 3 of the 4 kids slept in it at various times and they had decent naps because they were comfortable and shaded. Love this. Chace slept first then, throughout the day Harper was asleep, and Kaelyn took a long nap in it as well later on in the day. We never had any problems getting inside or around the park. At one point I had three kids riding in it for a short walk to the next attraction.

Bob Double Jogging Stroller

Bob Double Jogging Stroller w/ Chace, Harper & Kaelyn riding in front

We opted to leave at 7pm and have dinner outside of the park.

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7 Comments on “California Adventure”

  1. crispyindeed says:

    Being able to arrive at any amusement park an hour before the general public is definitely one of the best perks. It also gives you extra time to do other fun activities as well. Busy weekends is always better than boring ones! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, and hope you have a great week.

  2. I love your blog! I have two children, Daylin and Ryan and this concept is so cute!

    I wanted to share something with you, one runner to another. My name is Gracie Updyke and I’m on right now. I’d love for you to check out my campaign video and if you feel so compelled, share it with those you know.

    Again, love the blog. Thanks for sharing these stories!

  3. runnerjen521 says:

    This sounds like so much fun! The Baby Care Center sounds like a really nice touch. I’m sure it can be challenging to find clean, quiet places to nurse – I’ll find out soon enough! Glad you had a great time. 🙂

    • You will love places that take the time to have a clean place to change and feed your baby. It does make such a difference in the experience. Hope you are feeling great. Your baby will be here soon!

  4. workingmommawithababy says:

    We are taking our 2 year old to Disneyland next month! I am so excited to read your post and see how fun it can be.

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