Too Hot

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It’s just too hot to do anything! The outside temperature is over 100 and so that means we are stuck inside all day. It is way too hot to be outside even to play in the water so we are having a rough day. Usually we spend a good part of the day outside playing in the backyard, at the park or on a walk.

So we are doing this.

So we are doing this.

Unfortunately, we can’t do that. I ran all of my errands yesterday so that we would be inside nice and air conditioned stores, so today we are home and it’s not looking pretty. Chace is out of sorts and running all over getting into things. Just goes to show you that we need to get out of the house each and every day at least once. It also helps me out. I get ready and feel so much better if I am not lazy at home. Also, with this high heat, I cannot run outside because I can’t get both of you up and ready early enough. Sad. Luckily, the temps are supposed to drop towards the end of the week. Otherwise we may just go crazy staying inside the air conditioned house.

And doing this....

And doing this….

Hoping for cooler weather so we can play outside and get back to regularly scheduled activities. And just maybe Chace will return to himself!

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3 Comments on “Too Hot”

  1. newbloggycat says:

    Yes I know what you mean 😦 It’s hot all year round here in Malaysia. That’s why we love to chill out at the beach on most weekends 🙂

  2. crispyindeed says:

    I hear it’s super HOT over there currently, at least from Ellen anyway. It’s definitely not safe to be outside for long periods of time for anyone in that kind of heat. I get hot easily, even when it’s 60s… and we have really humid summers here so just thinking about it makes me sweat. Stay cool!

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