Not So Good News

PicMonkey Collage Dear C

Harper caught with her tongue out.

Harper caught with her tongue out.

I was hoping there would be good news on the house hunting front but unfortunately we were outbid again. This time we were number 2 and that just makes me feel defeated. This was house #12. Yes, we have put bids on 12 houses so far. That just boggles my mind because that means there have been 12 houses that we were interested in raising both of you in and more importantly making lasting memories as a family in. This housing market is not working well for us. I feel defeated. We have spent so much time visiting houses, inspecting them, thinking about the right number to offer and then inevitably getting the “Sorry, we went with someone else.” It’s hard to handle because I tend to envision how the rooms will be decorated, how we will enjoy the backyard as a family and how holidays will be spent as both of you grow older.

Granted, we are looking in areas that are very competitive because of the school district, proximity to the city and lovely, safe neighborhoods. All of the houses have had 15-28 bids on each and every one. That makes it very difficult to win unless you are the highest bidder and have cash! (The last 4 houses have gone $100K or more over the asking price!) It’s very hard but we will continue to look and hopefully one day our luck will turn around. If not, maybe I can win the Lottery and not have to worry about these crazy bids.

I just keep looking at you two and feel better knowing that no matter what, I am blessed.

Stopped at the park after the run.

My Little Batman

Went for a nice long run after hearing the news. Cleared my head and realized it wasn’t meant to be. There is a house out there for us and we will find it when the time is right.

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One Comment on “Not So Good News”

  1. crispyindeed says:

    It does sound frustrating and tiring!.That is alot of houses. It’s only natural to feel this way, but as you said, don’t give up! Have a great weekend.

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