Family Run

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We finally had a nice relaxing weekend at home. We went on a nice 4.5 mile run around the neighborhood and stopped at the park on Saturday morning. Then Daddy had to go to an event so we played outside with your cousins, relaxed on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful weather we have been having lately.








It’s been a long time since we have all been on a run together and it was nice. So nice for me to not have to push the BOB jogging stroller with both of you in it. That is a workout in itself, but I love it. I can’t deny that I love to be outside running and if you two come with me, then that is just an added bonus. Plus, it’s an additional workout when I have to push the extra weight. It definitely is a whole different run without it. Daddy pushed most of the time, but when Chace wanted to get out and run with us, then I pushed Harper while Daddy and Chace ran together on the sidewalk.

It absolutely warms my heart to hear Chace say he wants to run with us. We even got him the same shoes as Daddy and he thinks it’s pretty cool. As your mom, I you both to grow up seeing that Daddy and I like to stay active and lead healthy lives. If we do fun activities as family, then it is just part of our every day life. I won’t want to push things on you two either, but I would love a little running buddy. Just saying!

Stopped at the park as usual.

Harper & Mommy at the park


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5 Comments on “Family Run”

  1. I love the fact that you worked out and incorporated your family into the mix. Great post 🙂

  2. runnerjen521 says:

    Love this. Raising a daughter who is active is so important to me, and I think the best way to do so is to lead by example. Luckily Joel and I are both pretty active (he is even active for a living as a landscaper!). I want to start a tradition of family evening walks, even just a short walk around the block, as a way to do SOMETHING even if we’re not going for a run. We also plan to run, bike, and hike on weekends – all with baby girl in tow. That’s awesome that Chace is already showing an interest!

    • They love it at this age and since he wants to, then I am all for it. Chace only can run for a little and then wants to be carried or ride in the stroller but I don’t mind that at all. It’s fun and I am sure your little girl will want to do it too. Tires them out too which hopefully means a long nap! Hope you are feeling well. She will be here soon!

  3. The matching father-son shoes is adorable! That’s a great way to make running “fun” for kids! I hope our little man follows in our footsteps for running and being outdoors too ;).

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