Running, Shopping, Eating and More

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I am back to regular posting (I hope!) I took some time away from the computer to catch up with family and spend quality time with everyone while I had the chance. Since it was a long weekend, we definitely took advantage of the 3 days and spent it playing with cousins at the park, going for runs as a family, BBQ-ing, shopping and enjoying the lovely beach weather.

Saturday morning we did our usual morning run and then stop at our neighborhood park. We even had a few visitors that met us there! Aunty, Kaelyn and Kiley joined in on the fun. We ran around, rolled down grassy hills, tried the monkey bars and had races in the grass.

Harper and I relaxing post run.

Harper and I relaxing post run.

This is our first picture of the 4 of your together ever! It took so many shots to even get this one.

Kaelyn, Harper, Kiley & Chace

Kaelyn, Harper, Kiley & Chace

Our post run outing was to Coffee Bean for a morning treat and a stop to get  these delicious gourmet sandwiches down the street from the house. We spent the rest of the day hanging around the house before heading out to pick up Daddy’s birthday cake. I had ordered his favorite ice cream cake earlier in the week and even got a small scoop for Chace on a cone for the first time.

An unplanned delicious sushi dinner with the whole family and then cake for dessert! Yummy!


Sunday was spent in Orange County eating at our favorite brunch spot and shopping at Fashion Island. Chace and I rode the trolley around the outdoor mall, while Daddy and Harper walked around and enjoyed the people watching. We made our customary stop at Nordstrom to utilize their clean and functional bathrooms. It’s so nice to have a place where I could nurse and change Harper in a clean and comfortable environment. It also just so happens to be the Half Yearly Sale, but I didn’t find anything so I just picked up a green balloon for Chace in the kids section. Love that they always have these available for the kids to take home. Chace is really into anything green right now so I was happy to see a green one left and loved seeing his face light up when I brought it to him. It’s the little things! Just another reason why I love shopping at Nordstrom.

Daddy found a great new game for us to play with Chace. We couldn’t wait to try it so we opened it up and statred playing in the shade on a table by the fountain.

Fun game for all of us.

Fun game for all of us.

We played this countless times and Chace really got the hang of it. With some luck and skill, he beat both Mommy and Daddy a couple of times.

Since Chace had not napped all day, we headed home around 5 and he slept in the car. When we got home, we had dinner waiting for us with my sister and her family.

We had to make a trip to Coffee Bean on Monday morning. It was a beautiful morning so we hung out by the fountain. We love fountains. Chace is entertained while we enjoy our drinks.

My two favorite boys & my favorite coffee

My two favorite boys & my favorite coffee

It was a lazy day and morning at home with only one outing to get essentials for the BBQ we were having for dinner. Our BBQ was a success with some fun sprinkled in. Oh the joys of potty training! We will leave it at that for now. Working on a full potty training post for a later day.

The last and probably most exciting event was setting up the tent inside last night. It was just a trial run before Daddy and Chace have a sleepover outside next weekend. We are planning on going camping this summer so this is just to get him excited and used to it.

Daddy & Chace inside the tent

Daddy & Chace inside the tent

Boy was it difficult to get Chace out of the tent to go to bed! I would have let him sleep in it, but wasn’t sure I could take the tent down in the morning with both of you around. Daddy has work early so we had to take it down at night.

I think he will love camping! He even woke up this morning asking for me to put it up. It was a fun-filled weekend and will probably take me the entire week to recover from it. Have a lot to clean up so I have to get off the computer! I love you both and so happy we get to have these wonderful memories.

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