Harper’s Firsts

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Harper isn’t in the spotlight nearly enough so this is solely based on her today.

She has passed the 6 month mark and is doing so well. She had her 6 month checkup and everything went so great. She cried only when she got her shots and even that was relatively short. I love our pediatrician and her nurse! They make the appointments so easy and painless. Luckily, Chace doesn’t have a problem going to the doctor (thank goodness!) He even was so well behaved while I was holding onto Harper during her checkup. I wasn’t sure he would be okay waiting around for so long, but he did so well. He is due for his 3 year old check up in August, right before preschool starts.
photo (35)
I feel so blessed that Harper is healthy and progressing well. She rolls over. She sits by herself and is grabbing toys, picking them up and of course putting them in her mouth. I am always on the lookout for things that Chace hands her to play with. He is so sweet but doesn’t realize that some of his cars, legos and blocks are not meant to be put in his sister’s mouth.
photo (36)
She can now put both arms up when someone says “so big!” And her face lights up with all the praise.
Her first tooth came in a couple of weeks ago and the second one came a few days later. Teething hasn’t been too bad so I’m hoping that continues for awhile. I don’t miss the teething issues we had with Chace. We had our first picnic and first time riding the slide and swing at the park. There are a lot of ‘Firsts’ going on in our house right about now. It reminded me of a post from Chace’s Firsts. Time really does fly by! Hoping I continue to cherish these special moments I get to share with both of you.
I wouldn’t want to miss anything and am so thankful that I get to be home to witness them all.
Love my baby girl! Now we just need to do something about the hair!
photo (38)
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3 Comments on “Harper’s Firsts”

  1. newbloggycat says:

    A little ‘sweet pink’ you’ve got there 🙂 My 2-year old daughter has very little hair like Harper and now she wants to wear hair clips but they keeps falling off 😦

    • I know all about that! Happens to Harper too. I put in the smallest clips just to get the hair to one side. It’s slowly growing in as I’m sure is the same with your daughter.

  2. crispyindeed says:

    Your son’s face is too funny.

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