Good Nights

PicMonkey Collage Dear C

He never sleeps without his blanket.

He never sleeps without his Little Giraffe blanket.

Every night before Chace goes to bed we brush our teeth, read books, tell a story, revisit some things important I like to remind him about (no hitting or pushing, being polite, saying please and thank you, potty time etc.) and the last thing we do before I leave the room is say his “good nights”. He basically goes through a list of people and says good night to them. The usual suspects include Mommy, Daddy, Harper, Kaelyn (cousin), Kiley (cousin), Jasmine (cousin), Aunty Shirani, Uncle Dan, Momo and Poppy.

Every so often we get someone new added randomly to the list Chace rattles off in bed. Like last night it was Tera, my niece Jasmine’s best friend. The night before it was my sister’s 3 dogs. I guess that is a very good example of us spending a lot of time over at her house that day. He is scared of the dogs even though they wouldn’t harm a fly. He still managed to say good night to them. You never know who Chace will include and it always makes me smile. I love the inner workings of an almost 3 year old’s mind.

So adorable!

So adorable!

PicMonkey Collage Love


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