Little Boys Keep You On Your Toes

PicMonkey Collage Dear CMy Dad has warned me many times about the fun times I will have while raising a boy. As a pediatrician, he has lots of stories about little boys and their moms coming to see him for various reasons. His stories seem completely unimaginable and I keep thinking that they will never happen to me but sure enough it did. Last night I had to fish out a jelly bean sized red knobĀ from Chace’s nose. Yep, from his left nostril to be exact. It was not fun. Right after dinner, I looked over at Chace and I saw that he was picking his nose. I told him to stop which only made him want to do it more. (Of course. Story of my life!) I asked him if he wanted a tissue and he said “Yes”. So, as I was asking him to blow into the tissue he started to squirm and that’s when I looked inside and all I saw was red. My first reaction was that it was just blood but then realized it was hard and had to push it out from above his nostrils. Not fun. Luckily it came out easily and he went back to playing.

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Needless to say it was quite funny afterwards. Everyone was hysterical, including Chace. Hope that doesn’t happen again, but I’m sure it will. Ahh the things I have to deal with! My sister and my mom crack up at all the stories I tell her about the weird situations that Chace finds himself in. Since my sister has 3 girls and my mom has 3 sisters and 2 daughters, they have not had the pleasuse of dealing with little boys and these things. Instead they have/had the stresses of dealing with teenage daughter(s). That is not something I look forward to. Hopefully Harper will not put me through that. Right? One can dream.

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3 Comments on “Little Boys Keep You On Your Toes”

  1. crispyindeed says:

    I’ve thought of that before… would boys or girls drive parents nuttier. But I can see both being equally hectic. I’ve also heard that your own kids would give you twice the more grief you gave your own parents when you were younger lol. Sweet revenge? Knock on wood!

    • It will be interesting for sure. I have heard boys are harder when they are younger and girls are hard when they get older, but I will just have to wait and see how true that really is. So far it is true for me. Harper is such an easy baby while Chace was not easy at all. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself!

  2. MomRunsHalf says:

    Boys will give you a ride for sure. Mine are only 7 and 9 and I they have kept me on my toes constantly, but they are so fun!!

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