Knott’s Berry Farm Adventure

PicMonkey Collage Dear C

Every year Daddy’s work has a family event during the summer. This year they had a special event planned at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park. I haven’t been to Knott’s since I was working for the LA Clippers and we had special fan nights there. It’s been a long time!

We had passes for the whole day and from 11am-1pm there was a special room dedicated to Daddy’s work that had a buffet lunch, games, face painting, silhouette cut-outs, a balloon artist and a special guest, Snoopy. It was an air conditioned room so that was a nice way to get out of the hot sun for lunch and mingling.

Honestly, the food was just okay. Nothing great to eat so I stuck to the fruit and salad. Chace was enjoying the watermelon throughout the event so I had to change his white shirt to a blue one I brought because it looked like he was splattered with watermelon juice. It was super loud and there was a lot going on so Chace was completely entertained and a little shy when Daddy’s co-workers came up to say hi. Harper just gave a blank stare most of the time. As long as Daddy or I held her, she was okay.

After meeting Snoopy, getting your silhouette cut outs and some balloons, we headed off to Camp Snoopy for Chace to have a chance to ride the rides and see what Knott’s had in store.

We did not plan on staying all day and night because it is just too hot out. Luckily the weather was okay and there were some nice shaded areas, but it was still hot. Chace was able to ride a bunch of rides and I loved that they had quite a number of them that he could go on alone. He loved it!

Loved the cars. Went on this over and over.

This was the best ride because it had a green car (green is Chace’s favorite color at the moment) and it was slow then super fast around the corners. He was in heaven. I have a great video of him acting as if it is a roller coaster with his hands high up and laughing hysterically. Priceless!

Balloon ride

This was the balloon ride that Chace and I went on together. He loved going up and down and kept wanting it to go faster. I think he has a need for speed now! We also rode the skateboard ride together, but it was so much faster, I didn’t get any pictures with us on the ride.


We found this ride and there wasn’t a line so he hopped right on and was able to ride it all by himself. Note: he chose the green one again!



They didn’t have a green plane or else he would have been on it. Chace couldn’t figure out how to get it to go up and down so he stayed low the whole time. Didn’t bother him one bit. Had a smile from ear to ear the whole time.


A rare picture of the three of us!

It was hot and we had a good time, but it was getting close to dinner time and we knew we wanted to get home for that and to beat traffic so we left the park. It was a fun day, but one thing I would say is that they Baby Station is not very nice. It was not air conditioned and it was pretty lacking in comfortable space. There are two rocking chairs and a few metal changing stations but it was not something that I would say is exceptionally clean and comfortable. I used it because I had to, but was not impressed like I was with the one at California Adventure. Just saying! Great day with many fun memories.

PicMonkey Collage Love


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