Preparing for A Vacation With 2 Kids

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Our last plane ride to Chicago

Our last plane ride to Chicago

We are leaving for a vacation/business trip soon and it will be Harper’s first plane ride, so I headed to the county recorder’s office to pick up her birth certificate. I am not sure why I wait until the last minute for these things, but I do. Not a good habit and I recommend that you do not follow in my footsteps and procrastinate doing the tedious things at the last minute. It’s not fun.

I took Momo with me because I had no idea how long the lines will be or what the waiting room will be like. She loves to go on these little adventures with us.

Luckily, the location was easy to find and the waiting room was large and had enough seats so that we could park the stroller (Harper was sleeping) and all sit together. I filled out the form beforehand (I highly recommend doing this) so that I could keep Chace occupied while we were waiting. It was about a 10 minute wait which is so much less than I had expected. We were in and out of the building very quickly and surprisingly, Harper was asleep the whole time.

Since it was just about time to eat, we headed to Panera for lunch. Yum! I love the soup and so does Chace, so we shared.

After lunch we made another stop to pick up essentials for our flight and vacation. Not a bad day out, and made for a tired Mom. It would have been perfect if you both napped but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Instead, we had a relaxing afternoon before we had guests for dinner.

Now I just have to pack! It will be my first time flying with two kids. Wish me luck!

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4 Comments on “Preparing for A Vacation With 2 Kids”

  1. newbloggycat says:

    The most challenging part about flying with young children is when they get the ear-popping sensation. One thing I find most helpful is to nurse them during take-off and landing. When they are older I give them sweets. Good luck 😉

  2. crispyindeed says:

    I just came back from out of town and traveling can be tiresome. I cannot imagine traveling with two kids though. Good luck and have lots of fun.

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