San Francisco Part 1

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Our trip to San Francisco was a week filled with fun and lasting memories. I have to admit, I was much more nervous the first time I was taking Chace on a flight. This time around, with two kids and lots of extra things, I wasn’t that nervous. I guess you just get de-sensitized on some things after your first child or maybe it is because I can handle tough situations a little better after having one child already go through it.


We got to the airport with plenty of time and managed to get the two car seats, stroller and luggage checked in and through security. The wait wasn’t too bad because Chace was perfectly entertained with the planes, eating breakfast and watching PBS Kids on my phone.

photo (19)


We got on the plane and our short one hour flight was perfect. Chace read books with Daddy while I nursed Harper and she slept. The flight wasn’t full so we were able to relax and enjoy the ride.

photo (21)

We headed to the city and Chace missed traveling across the Bay Bridge because he fell asleep the second we got in the car. The hotel was very accomodating as usual. We travel to San Francisco throughout the year for work and love staying at the Westin SF on Market Street. The rooms are big, the views are nice, the location is perfect with kids and the service is exceptional.

I love how close it is to the Yerba Buena Gardens. I took Chace there last trip too. (You can read about that here.)I can walk there with the kids and Chace can play on the playground or run around the gardens. It is the perfect place to take kids that isn’t too crowded. Of course we also shopped, ate really well and shopped.

photo (23)


We spent a some time in the room too. It was mostly because Daddy had to work and was meeting us there and both of you decided to nap at different times. Usually I can have you both take an afternoon nap together, but not during this trip. Luckily, it worked out well. I played with one of you while the other slept. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked and at least you both napped.

We had a very eventful dinner at a Thai restaruant called Osha (I like to think it is Asha, but that is besides the point!)

photo (25)

It was eventful because during dinner we got the best news ever! Our realtor contacted us to tell us that the bid we placed on a house was accepted! It was so thrilling after all we have been through with this house hunting process. More on that later…………….

We were only halfway through our trip when this happened so while we were in the city we also had to take care of a number of things for the house. It was fun and exciting all at the same time. Part II of our trip coming tomorrow….

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3 Comments on “San Francisco Part 1”

  1. crispyindeed says:

    I miss SF. Seeing you guys bundled up is making me sweat and envious at the same time HAHA… It’s currently in the mid-high 80s, and that is w/o the added humidity.

    • It was such a nice change from the hot weather we are having in Southern California. You should plan a trip to SF during the hot and humid Chicago summers and then a trip to somewhere hot during the crazy, cold winter! If only…right!?

      • crispyindeed says:

        I went there in Aug once and it was definitely a nice surprise. I felt under dressed seeing majority of the locals bundled up in winter coats while I was in just leggings and sleeveless cardigan lol

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