San Francisco Part 2

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Daddy had more business to attend to in Berkely so we headed to the Claremont Resort and Spa. We had never been there but Aunty Shirani spoke highly of it and it did not disappoint. The only complaint was that the room was much smaller than we are used to. It just had a bed, TV and desk. There was enough space for a crib, but just barely. Since we didn’t spend that much time there, it was ok.

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The resort has a lovely gym and pool area. There are 2 kid pools that were perfect for Chace. They are heated (the temps in Berkeley were in the 70s) and he loved wading and playing in the water despite the cool air. I had a great run on the treadmill while watching Daddy sit by the pool holding Harper and watching Chace.

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We were able to walk around the town and had really good meals. One day we walked 2 miles to the college and ate the local favorites that Daddy loves. We had Top Dog (delicious hot dog/sausages), Cream (ice cream sandwich), fat slice (pizza). It reminded me of being in college, all that greasy food.

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Another night we had a delicious Chinese meal. We were out walking and stumbled upon this place. It was crowded, smelled delicious and had plenty of families dining. I love seeing that. It definitely did not disappoint!

The trip was fun and filling! I ate so much was so happy I was able to get in a few runs and long walks. Adding in exercise while on vacation is something I always try to do. Daddy and I take turns so that we both get to exercise while the other is able to watch both of you. It works!

Unfortunately, our vacation had to come to an end. We headed home to start our new life in our new home or at least start the process…..

The flight home was just like the first one. Chace was busy reading, coloring and playing games. Harper sat on my lap and was entertained by her brother. As soon as we landed, Momo picked us up and we headed to our new house to check out some things. It was a long day and you both were so good throughout the flight and drive. I was so happy that Momo could go with us to see the house, give me suggestions and offer her support. I can’t wait until we can move in! More on the house soon!


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2 Comments on “San Francisco Part 2”

  1. crispyindeed says:

    Congrats on your new home! Let the decorating begin.

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